An Empire Of Dust

No not planning to run another campaign, yet, just wanted to engage in a spot of world building - feel free to comment on the forums if you feel so inclined.

Recent History

In the year 1117 the Rondian Empire was at the height of its power, its borders stretching from the Jagged Sea to the borders of the Varr Waste. Emperor Hereclecius IV ordered the 16th army under Lord General Barrigan Joneer to cross the Waste to assault the Southern Kingdom of Gerridan.

The 16th Army vanished into the sands and even the most powerful divinations failed to uncover their fate. Hereclecius IV send nearly a dozen expeditions into the Waste to no avail, and became obsessed with the 16th's fate eventually spiraling into madness. In 1121 the Elven Harran Empire launched an assault on Eshmeer taking some fifteen thousand women as breeding slaves and destroying the great Eshmeer Dam to destroy Ulver - where the 4th and 7th armies were stationed.

Rond launched an all out assault on Harran, but the great fleet was virtually annihilated at sea by the Elven Dragon Riders known as Harrdath. Greatly weakened the Empire was riven by a rash of rebellions from its subjugated lands, and now stands upon the brink of destruction.

Now the year is 1122 and the Hereclecius IV has been forcibly deposed by his nephew Marcian I. Marcian is a ruthless and incisive leader, former leader of the 2nd Army and Governor of Voss.