Arivia Rudulon

Arivia Rudulon
Race: Wood Elf
Class & Level: Scout 2
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Appearance: A young, fair skinned and blonde Wood Elf from the Mierani Forests. She is of average height for her kind but weighs less than she seems. She has a smooth slightly oval face that compliments her narrow eyes and elven ears. Generally considered pretty with the potential to be beautiful if given enough work.

Her attire consists of a pair of tight leather breeches, an oversized green jerkin and a pair of well used leather boots. A well made, but worn crossbow hangs loosely by a cord attached to her belt.

Personality: She thinks of herself as an outsider to most people, due to her secluded upbringing in the Mierani Forests. It takes a bit of chatting up and connecting before she opens up and begins to talk freely. A free spirit at heart, she likes having fun and enjoys doing many things which include hunting, daydreaming, archery, fishing and exploring.

Background: (currently writing this)