• Please use a Myth Weavers, Rogue Penguin or DnDsheets character sheet, registration is required, but it's free and the sheets are excellent. Place a link to this sheet on your character page here on the wiki. For a pathfinder character sheet, use DnDsheets, it's the only one with a (mostly) correct Pathfinder template.
  • Please create a page for your character(s) following the template of Examplicus the Epitomizer Provide a link to your Myth Weavers/Rogue Penguin character sheet.
  • If possible please provide a character portrait, you can use any source (as long as you credit the creator and don't break copyright). If you're feeling creative, you can draw the character yourself or use Hero Machine, a great tool for creating character portraits.

Example Character
Examplicus the Epitomizer level 1 Fighter (Example character)

Rise of the Runelords Characters
Arivia Rudulon level 2 Scout