Eiseth LaReue

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Race: Human
Class & Level: Alchemist 1
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Eiseth is a small and petite human. She got short, red hair, though it looks like it was burnt away, rather that cut. Her skin got a pale tone to it, due to all the time spent inside alchemical labs. Her face is usually smeared with a large number of unknown substances. Her hands are rough, full of burn marks and stained with potions. Her clothing and pockets are full of potions, concoctions, poisons and other alchemical substances, a few even look semi-dangerous. That, mixed with her noxious scent, tends to make people keep a safe distance and only engage her in short conversations.

Personality: She's usually comes of as a mentally unstable and dangerous person. Though this is mostly due to her poor people skills, limited understanding of "human-nature" and the occasional conversation with herself. There is however, a great deal of method to her "madness". Due to not having to worry about normal stuff like thinking about her appearance, social contact, and such things, she can get a great deal of work done when she want to. She act quite brash and rarely take the time to consider her choices.

Background: At a young age, Eiseth was sent away to be trained as a wizard. Just like everyone on her mother side of the family always had as the "taint" have been in her family for generations. The family "mark of pride" if you will. She did however shown no arcane talents. Due to not being able to focus, the taint not having completely blossomed or some other reason is unknown. While she was there, she did spend a lot of time tinkering around with the alchemy lab. The various collateral damages she caused due to this tinkering helped make a hasty decision of sending her home.

Her homecoming brought no joy. She was denounced from the family, her parents claiming she could not be their daughter and was sent out to live on the streets. Forced to grow up among other unfortunate orphans.

She, like the rest, eventually grew up and had to figure out a better way to make a living. After pestering the local apothecary for some time, he finally agreed to hire her. It was one of her most joyous days of her life. She could finally tinker with chemicals again.

She was not just a quick learner, but also a hard worker. Even the apothecary himself were impressed by how vigorously she worked. It was the closest she had ever been to a paradise. This was somewhat short lived though.

One night four big guys broke into the shop. The commotion woke up both the apothecary and Eiseth. He told her to stay hidden in the room, while he checked it out. She could her some men yelling at the apothecary, him yelling back. Then he went silent, and she heard his body falling to the floor. The men search through a couple of rooms, before walking into the one she was hiding in. She was easily found and tied up. On the way out, she was the apothecary laying on the floor, looking up at her and trying to say something. Though one of the big men told him to shut up and he should keep quiet if he wished to live.

She was taken to the local crime lord, which forced her into making drugs and poisons for him. She was locked up, having to slave day and night if she wanted to live. It could be weeks between each time she saw a human face. And the few times she did, it were usually followed by a beating. She were even forced to test much of her work on herself, for the guards amusement in exchanged for her food, to get an picture of the effects, and even just to appease customers on how well they worked.

She worked for the local crime lord for a long time. She's not sure how long, as she never really had the time to try to keep track of it. Though one day, she woke up to people yelling. She couldn't make out what they were yelling about, but it soon broke into a fight. Figuring that this would be the best chance she would ever get to escape, she had to take it. With the help of some vials containing a strong acid, a couple of smokestikes and a poorly made dagger, she managed to get break out and claim her freedom.

As she had no idea what actually had happened in the aftermatch of the fighting and her escape, she went into hiding. Luckily she met a man named Raykan that were willing to help her. He bought her groceries and various supplies. He also sold the various potions she brewed up. He was her all round do-it-all helper.

Recently Raykan have been talking about having to register at the ministry as a magic user, and she's coming along to help him. Like he once helped her.