Eiseth the Damned

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Race: Hellbred
Class & Level: Paladin 1
Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: Eiseth has quite an impressive, muscular body. Her skin is red and unnaturally smooth. Her eyes shines with a sinister, red glow. Her dark grey hair is tied in a ponytail, which reaches down to her shoulders. She also got a pair of short, stubby horns on her head. Due to her appearance, she prefers to hide her face and other physical attributes. She also has a symbol of Sarenrae coiled around her left hand.

Personality: She's quite a brooding and grim person. She's never seen laughing. Everything she does is very methodical and well thought through. After all, she don't want to die before she can repent for her sins. She sulks quite frequently.

Background: Eiseth knows little of her former life, though she sometimes gets short glimpses of memories. She remembers fire and blood… much blood. She knows she have to make up for whatever it is she did, but still unsure on exactly what to do, she has taken up a path of righteousness and good. Wandering, trying to bring good wherever she can.

She recently came across the town of Sandpoint, just in time for the consecration of their newly built Cathedral…