Some seven hundred years ago the elven race was in serious danger of extinction, with only some fifteen thousand remaining. The Elves called a conclave to find a solution upon the isle of Harran, here it was decided that every effort must be put forward to protect and propagate the elven race.

For a start the Empire accepted and embraced Half Elves, and began to offer 100gp for every half elf given over to the Harran. This has resulted in a thriving industry where women sell their babes or more sinister Elf Farms where women are kept by pimps and slavers purely to breed. This has enabled the elves to form a massive army that their own naturally slow birth rate and maturation rate had previously rendered impossible.

The Harran have also captured many thousands of human women for themselves setting up their own more civilized versions of Elf Farms.

But half elves are not elves, so the Harran have also begun the process of reincarnating distinguished half elves until they become full blooded elves. Of course only the most strong willed and experienced can survive this process - it takes a strong mind to get through being killed and reincarnated umpteen times. Many are still willing to go through the process for the greatly enhanced lifespan and prestiege.