Examplicus The Epitomizer

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Race: Human
Class & Level: Fighter 1
Alignment: Lawful Good


Appearance: A tall pale man with a haughty noble bearing. His piercing gaze and invariably stern expression lend him an air of dignified command. A mane of snow white hair spills down to his shoulders providing a startling frame for his hard features.

Personality: Examplicus sees himself as a leader of men, attempting to guide their efforts to the best of his abilities. He is unyielding and strict, but fair and goes out of his way to help whenever he can. Fun has never entered into Examplicus's life for he regards it as a bane to discipline.

Background: Born in the small Kingdom of Elbran Examplicus's family joined up with a large caravan of refugees fleeing the chaos of the Great War. Examplicus's father was killed in a clash with the Maru as they made the torturous crossing of The Red Desert and his mother and sister died on the same journey leaving him alone in the world at fifteen. In the years since he has found comfort in the worship of St. Cuthbert and has worked as a sell sword taking lesser pay or even going hungry in order to ensure he only engages in morally justified missions.