First List Of Notes

The following were suspects in possible persuasion, link to, bribery or blackmail of parties who were first against a campaign for war.

Amanda Buttis : Age 33, takes care of the orphanage near Lionsgate. She cleans up and takes care of the place with the help of volunteers.

- Amanda has been seen to occasionally make visits to noble familes, making sure that it is hidden from other's eyes. She visits 3 noblemen every week at the same time

— possibility of her actually being a messenger of bribes, blackmails, orders.


"The volunteers are a collection of around a dozen young men and women helping out with the cleaning, maintainance and as well as taking care of the general well being of the children themselves. The group calls itself Open-wings."

"Open wings also hold a weekly gathering of the children in what they call not financially poor however socially poor areas. An account of a visit to one of the children's families detailed about how the children were poorly clothed however the father often went to the services of higher class escorts. They expressed their shock to find five scantily clad women barely of child-bearing age frolicking about" - a possibly good source of information in the future, worth allying with them

Stefan Cassin - Philantropist and staunch supporter of the anti-war campaign. He was one of the main contributors to Amanda Buttis orphanage in the past. Has not been seen for weeks. All his communication is being handled by his main adviser "Lady Sasha Armen". His views have somehow suddenly changed to being pro-war. Sasha has been seen on occasion to visit Arturus Massa.

His sudden change in opinions is highly suspicious.

Arturus Massa - Owns an impressive art collection and whose only purpose in life seems to be getting it to grow further and further. Most of his pieces are magical in nature. Originally not interested in the whole debate about the war. He has suddenly changed his stance to being in favour.

Unfortunately he now rarely ever sees guests. However he gets visits from both Sasha and Amanda.

My agents are currently digging for more information