Halford Markkam

Halford Markkam


Appearance: Slender and well muscled with well defined features and the effortless confidence of a born aristocrat Halford is handsome fellow. His hair falls in a dirty blond mane down to his shoulders and he wears brightly colored clothes than show off his physique. His eyes are a velvetine blue and twinkle with mirth more often than not.

Personality: Self deprecating to a fault Halford is extremely conscious of his own intellectual limitations, stopping to think is invariably a mistake for him and he gets better results a living in the moment. Friendly, loyal, and kind, he is extremely hard to dislike, especially given him natural humility. He keeps his promises and stands up for the rights of himself and others.

Background: The Markkam family purchased their nobility shortly before Halford's birth, his father, Heinrick, having taken the families bow making business from a presteige operation to a new level of profitability by mass producing cheap, but efficient crossbows. In or to fund this operation Heinrick entered into a partnership with a half elven investor Florian Lorrel, who soon became a fast family friend.

When Halford was just passed his first year his mother died in her sleep, and his father was slain by bandits traveling the normally safe roads between Highridge and Jondar. Florian took the babe as his own and took over the company becoming one of Taldor's wealthiest men. Halford enjoyed a happy childhood marked by his frustration at his own intellectual limitations, and trailing after his adopted sister Lily.

Growing older Halford moved into noble society with his sister and found that he was often lost in the cut and thrust of such socialization. Women were drawn to the handsome young man and this only added to his problems, as he did not know what to do with them, and drew the jealousy of his male peers. Then Halford refused to marry the daughter of a Duke, which was to bring a large dowry to the family and secure several lucrative contracts - he refused because his newly gained abilities told him she and her father were evil. This lead to the offended Duke almost ruining the family, until Lily spread the rumor that Halford liked the company of other men and things died down. Shortly after this Halford reached his majority and signed over his inheritance to Florian.

Halford now spends his time either practicing his archery or selling Markkam longbows to various nobles and high end merchants around the Inner Sea. He wishes to do something more, but feels obligated to serve his family for the time being - though with the death of his adopted mother they appear to be distancing themselves from him.