Harden Vorbis

Harden Vorbis Aressa the Eidolon


The cherubic fist of the Ministry!

Appearance: Tall for a halfling with ears clipped at a young age to enable him to pass as a child Harden is the picture of cherubic innocence. However, when he does reveal his true nature his face twists small changes transforming him utterly, a narrowing of the eyes, a tightening of the lips and a wickedly insolent leer that in itself might constitute some form of sexual assault. He dresses like a young Lord in sober colours, though he has a less affluent outfit should the circumstances necessitate.

Personality: Harden believes in order, order is safety, order is fairness, order is paramount. And the natural order has dictated that some people are superior those who can call forth power, naturally those who do not possess such abilities fear them. Therefore those with power, true power not that suckled from the teat of uppity otherworld entities, ought to band together to offer up the illusion of safety by allowing their inferiors the illusion of control - those with power who do not join risk sowing fear enough to stir fear and hatred in the masses and that cannot be tolerated… Because of these beliefs harden is a tireless and devoted advocate of both the Empire and the Ministry, but really he feels the Ministry should be the power pulling the strings, perhaps it already is…

In the personal time that he occasionally forces himself to endure Harden enjoys activities that allow him to tell someone else to do, fine restaurants, overseeing construction of items he has commissioned, escorts, and even porters all fulfill this roll for the halfling - it is of course perversly satisfying to have power over one many times your size. One might think this would entail rudeness, or curtness, but on the contrary Harden is polite and friendly with all he employs, it is enough for him to know he has power over them he has no wish to be cruel or degrading.

Background: Hardan has only vague recollections of his parents who were slain by the shambling hordes of the necromancer Ibraheem Thrade, the young halfling was recovered some days later having hidden in the bed of the family wagon to terrified to move. He was found by two of the Ministry's earliest agents Mathwin and Freya Vorbis, married, who recognized his talents, and decided that Freya would return him to the Ministry's newly formed Arcane Academy while Mathwin continued to trail the necromancer. Mathwin was killed shortly after, after virtually destroying Thrade's undead horde, and when Freya later returned with a number of Ministry Mages she found no trace of the necromancer…

Returning the devastated widow adopted Hardan being alternately smothering and distant, taking a teaching role at the Arcane Academy. It quickly became apparent to Harden that she blamed him for her husband's death. Elsewhere the halfling's charm and talents allowed him to breeze through the academy where he quickly gravitated to work as an agent the Ministry putting his talents to good effect using his child-like appearance to watch suspected arcanists without drawing suspicion - it was the Ministry who saw to having his pointed ears clipped to obscure his true heritage, not a major loss to Harden who feels little connection with his own people.

Eidolon: Harden's was first able to summon the Sphinx-like Aressa at seventeen and having the sarcastic extraplanar ally constantly by his side did no harm to his status within the Arcane Academy. Aressa is completely loyal to Harden and far more likely to take offense upon his behalf than the halfling. Aressa's form is that of the classic wingless Sphinx, with a black panthers body and a human woman's head and chest, though her haughtily attractive face has certain subtle feline traits. When he can Harden likes to have Aressa by his side permanently, but in less cosmopolitan towns and cities he will forgo his protector if he does not feel immediately threatened.