"Oh, no, I um, ah, I've not really done that stuff. That's not what you meant? Oh, ah I am a man."


"Halford Horatio Markkam, I've always liked my name, my mother, my birth mother, came up with it…


"No, not really a few people have tried calling me Hal, but I don't like it and its never really caught on - thank goodness."

Character’s life philosophy:

"Philosophy, well, I suppose I just think that sometimes thinking can get in the way - especially if you aren't particularly good at it - like me."

Religion / political ideal:

"Well I am not really qualified to worry about politics, but you can generally tell if a regime cares for its citizens or not, as long as a regime cares for its citizens and does not go around invading everybody or consorting with demons I support it."

"As for religion I follow Iomedae, because she seems like a heroic deity who cares for her followers and strikes out against evil. I love tales of the crusades to!"

How devout is your character?

"I try to live a good life and help those who need it, but I do not attend Temple."

Date of birth:

"I believe its the 14th of September, but we don't really celebrate it."


"I just turned 19."


"I'm a little over six feet, six foot one or two, something like that."


"About a hundred and forty pounds? I've never been able to put on weight."


"My hair? I don't know Lily calls it dirty blond, its getting a bit long I suppose."


"Blue? What else can you say about your own eyes…"

Skin complexion:

"I am always a bit pale, damned if I know why I am always outside."

Overall physique:

"Well I'm pretty scrawny I suppose, but I suppose most people would say I look fit, my arms have to be quite powerful just to be able to pull Reproach - that's my bow."


"It turns out that I did not inherit my families talent for craftsmanship, but it took me a number of accidents to discover this… See this finger, and here on my thumb?"

Are these features common in Taldor?

"Being blond is fairly unusual, though certainly not remarkable."

Sexual orientation:

"I like women. Though not many in Cassomir believe that any more." *Looks glum.*

Personal quote:

"Most people are decent, good, and kind, if they are given a chance."

A memory of childhood (just one):

"My Sister Lily talked me into stealing a lemon cake from the kitchens when I was seven or so, and the apprentice boy Harl got fired for it. I had promised Lily I would not tell, so I sold my new pony and the sword I had received for my birthday and paid for Harl to be apprenticed to the local barrel wright instead. I keep asking Lily to release me from this promise, so I can clear poor Harl's name, but she will not relent - she seems to find it amusing I still ask."

A memory of adulthood (just one):

"I was betrothed to the second daughter of Lord Garllin Bedriss, but upon meeting the family had to refuse her, Iomedae's gifts informed me that both her and her father were evil . This caused us to loose several lucrative accounts and threatened to ruin us, until Lily put it about that I preferred the company of other men. I confirmed this odd comment upon several occasions, having always found myself somewhat unsure around the fairer sex, and only realized what it meant after a certain Earl attempted to press his attentions upon me. I ran and have not attended a social function in Taldor since, I find the whole affair somewhat mortifying truth be told." *Stares at the ceiling.*

Your least favourite mood?

"I don't like being frustrated and with me not being the sharpest arrow in the quiver it happens all too often. I dislike puzzles, and riddles, because while simple to others they are torturous to me."

A body part you could not live without:

"My heart? I think the livers quite important to, it would be hard to get by without a skeleton to, most of them really - though I suppose nipples have never seemed that useful…"

Do you have any quirks:

"Not that I know of."

What attracts you most in the opposite sex?

*Flushes* "Well I, um, like to be teased I suppose, not hurtfully, but playfully. And I like intelligent girls, though they would probably find me tedious, I like a girl who knows her own mind and can plan. But most of all they would have to be kind. And I need to be attracted to her, after a while I think looks fade into the background, but there needs to be an initial attraction."

Your ideal partner (in life, love, crime) would:

"Be able to tell me what to do when I am unsure, respect me for what I am, and want to be a force for betterment in the world."

What would make your character hate someone?

"If they were deliberately hurting people, or taking advantage of people who cannot hope to fight back. And something more for real hate, I don't quite know what, perhaps a personal element, it would take a great deal to make me truly hate."

And like someone?

"If their actions were good, and they had a sense of humor - and did not make fun of him too much."

Your character would be attracted to:

"Didn't we just cover this? Like I said, someone intelligent, reasonably attractive, with a good heart, and who will tease him without being hurtful."

And repulsed by:

"Those who take advantage of others, put down others to make themselves look better, and nose picking because well, ewww."

Your character respects / is loyal to:

"Well my ideals, the law, tradition, I tend to think respect should be a default, I've heard folk say it must be earned, but I prefer to think it begins in place and can be lost or honed."

What kind of personality does your character have?

"I am friendly and out going, but I do better when I don't think, thinking ties me up in knots and tends to get me into a lot of trouble - then again not thinking has to. I like to think I am a loyal friend, and go out of my way to help people."

What special qualities does your character possess?

*Sighs heavily* "Nothing really, I am pretty good with a bow, and I generally get on well with people, but that's about it."

Your best quality would be:

"Is marksmanship a quality? If not then probably my loyalty, its very difficult to loose."

And your worst:

"I am thicker than two short planks, I don't like it, but pretending otherwise won't make it go away."

The most important thing your character ever did:

"I just signed over my inheritance to Father, my adopted father, it is going to make running the business a great deal simpler for him, and when he does pass away - Iomedae forbid - me and Lily will have equal stakes, it would hardly be fair otherwise we are family afterall."

And the most stupid:

"Ha, where do I begin? Lily - my sister - once sold me a potion of water walking at a visit to Duke Halidinn's estate for a garden party and I ended up trying to walk across the fish ponds with predictably damp and humiliating results. The worst part was trying to explain why I had thought I could walk on water with duck weed in my hair."

Does your character indulge in any vices?

"I like to dress and dine well, but I don't believe I spend enough time or coin for them to be vices really."

How often, and what would trigger the craving?

"Well a few outfits a year, to keep the wardrobe in good order, a meal or two out a week. Nothing too extravagant when I am traveling, family meals out sometimes border on the ostentatious."

Your character is most happy when:

"When I don't have to think and I know what I am doing is right, archery makes me feel like that."

What is your characters’ main profession?

"I show and sell Markkam bows to nobles and the wealthy all over the Inner Sea. Honestly the bows do most of the work for me, our artisans are the best in the world. Its a status symbol to own a Markkam bow, some don't even care about performance." *Smiles glancing fondly at the exquisite bow upon his lap, plain but for the word "Reproach" placed just above a marksman's grip.*

This started:

"Three years ago, tow and a half really."

Is your character good at what he does?

"I sell a lot of bows, its a small part of the business now, but a profitable one and quite prestigious. I have been swindled a few times, so I usually take someone with me to keep an eye out for problems."

Plans for your future:

"I don't really know, I would like to join the Mendavian Crusades, I would like to have a family someday to."

The characters’ most treasured possession:

"My bow Reproach, it was made by my Grandfather, and its a connection to my parents…" *Shifts uncomfortably.*

Your characters’ moral ethics (e.g. war, theft, love, honour):

"Ah, I think war can be justified, especially when against demons and the like, but I usually can't follow all the arguments so I look to those I respect for their opinions for the most part."


"I've always been partial to lamb."


"Apple juice, I have not developed much of a taste for alcohol yet."


"I don't have much of an ear, but if it is fast paced and fun I am bound to enjoy it."


"I mostly can't follow it, people tell me there are deeper meaning, but they are invariably lost on me."


"I love adventure stories! Rellen and the Reaver's is my favorite, with the sea witch and the "

Place to hang out:

"Hang out? The workshops I suppose, I like watching a bow take shape and talking with the artisans."

Place to relax:

"The practice range, I have no worries with a target before me and a bow in my hand."

Place to reflect:

"Again the practice range, I feel at home there."


"I have to dress smartly and keep up with the fashions for work, and Lily quickly informs me when an outfit no longer meets these criteria - she can be quite brutal about it."


"Dice I suppose, I'm not much good at anything else."