Jackie Chun

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Race: Human
Class & Level: Monk 1
Alignment: Lawful Neutral



Sex: "Male"
Name: "Jackie Chun"
Nickname: "Uhm… Jack?"
How did the character get stuck with this nickname? *Shrugs*
Character’s life philosophy: Uh… never really worried much about such things…
Religion / political ideal: "Got non I guess… Wait! Does love of wine count as a religion? No? Fine, then non"
How devout is your character? "Since wine doesn't count.. non-devout"
Date of birth: "Summertime 21 years ago?" *Shrugs*
Age: "21"
Height: "Just above 4 feet"
Weight: *Looks himself up and down* "About 160 lb I guess…"
Hair: "Black"
Eyes: "Brown"
Skin complexion: "Uh… normal for the area?"
Overall physique: *Flexes a bit* "Not bad, eh?"
Birthmarks: "Non… that I know of at least…"
Scars: "Heh… ye, quite a few of those…"
Are these features common from your origin? "Nah, don't think so… "
Sexual orientation: "…Does wine count here? Fine! Non then!"
Personal quote: "Ehh…. "Where's my wine?!" ?"

A memory of childhood: "Childhood memory? Eh… not much to remember. Been living with the order for most of my childhood. Which was spent training or meditating…"
A memory of adulthood: "Ugh… I remember the day the order threw me out for… Lets say I got into some fighting and did a couple of things they didn't like… I think I drank for a week straight after that… pretty depressing…"
Your least favourite mood? "Hungover… but I've gotten somewhat used to it"
A body part you could not live without: "My liver!"
Do you have any quirks: "Non that I'm aware of…"
What attracts you most in the opposite sex(or same sex if bi/gay)? "I guess… their glow and such?" *Shrugs*
Your ideal partner (in life, love, crime) would: "Hmm… Wine, Wine aaaaaand I would have to say Wine*
What would make your character hate someone? "Refusing me my wine of course! Or stealing my wine."
And like someone? "Having a sense of what's right? Eh, no idea really"
Your character would be attracted to: "Bottles of wine? Hell, no idea really"
And repulsed by: "Lawless scum that prey on other"
Your character respects / is loyal to: "The law
What kind of personality does your character have? "I guess I would be called… a weird drunkard that have taken too many blows to the head?" *Shrugs*
What special qualities does your character possess? "Non that I'm very aware of…"
Your best quality would be: "Knowing how to take a punch?"
And your worst: "Eh… smart stuff. Writing, long words.. you know, those things"
The most important thing your character ever did: "When I decided I would never steal, even if it was to survive"
And the most stupid: "Actually believing I could fit in with the other guys in the order…"
Does your character indulge in any vices? "Well… many people seem to dislike my heavy drinking…"
How often, and what would trigger the craving? "Veeery often… whenever it's been a while I guess…"
What annoys your character the most? "Disloyalty"
Your character is most happy when: "Drinking wine"
And sad when: "When a wine bottle is empty"
Your character fears (people, ideas, things): "Eh… the usual things. What I don't know or understands… Guess I should work on that… Meh, another time"
Your characters’ deepest fear: "Living in a world without wine…"
Your characters’ secret fantasies: "Never ever getting hungover"
Your characters’ biggest loss would be: "Myself? Eh, never really thought about stuff like that…"
What is your characters’ main profession? "I guess… Hard labourer"
This started: "It was pretty much the only way I could make enough to get by"
Is your character good at what he does? "I like to believe I am… Never had anyone complain"
Plans for your future: "How should I know? Settle down, have some kids and die? Bleh, I'll figure it out later"
Is there a particular person your character considers his point of reference? "Nopes"
Any particular place your character would rather be: "Nah… not really"
In one year time: *Shrugs*
And in ten years time: *And shrugs yet again*
Why is your character in this city (as opposed to more rural areas)? "Always someone looking for labourers here, and the wine is decent"
How long does your character plan to stay where he/she is? "For as long as I need"
The characters’ most treasured possession: "Never really had any possessions…"
Does your character believe in luck, fate or destiny? "Well yeah… Or at least luck. Not thought much about the other stuff"
Your characters’ most common dreams: "Swimming in a river of wine"
A good luck charm (what and why does your character consider it lucky?): "Non"
Your characters’ moral ethics (e.g. war, theft, love, honour): "Eh, just follow the law…. that's all I got"
**What motivates your character to be what he is? ** "I guess shame, love for wine and wanting to at least try to be good at something…"

'''Your characters’ favourite:'''
Colour: "Dark blue"
Food: "A good piece of meat is always nice…"
Drink: "Heh, wine"
Music: "I like most music… don't favourite it much"
Poetry: "Never really "gotten" it…"
Book: "Reading has never been my strong point…"
Style of writing: "Eeeh… The style that's easy to read?"
Art form: "I would have to say… paintings"
Place to hang out: "A bar"
Place to relax: "A bar"
Place to reflect: "A bar"
Attire: "What? Oh, clothing? Well… I really liked the robes we had in the order…"
Game: "Any drinking game"
Sports: "Wrestling can be fun…"
Method of transport: *Points down to his dirty feet*
Weapon: "My own fists and feet"
Animal: "Eh… non really"
Object: "A wine bottle"
School subject: "Never really went to school…"

'''Some history:'''

Mother’s and Father’s name: "No idea, was left with the order before I started to remember things"
Did you have any siblings? "Maybe? How should I know?"
Are you married? "Ha! Like anyone would even give me a second look"
Do you character like children? "Sure, I was one not too long ago after all"
What is your opinion of the city? "I kinda like. Always something to do"
Where did you live? "At the monastery of the order.. right now it's mostly on the street. Sometimes in a nice inn whenever I got some extra money"
Did you go to school? "Nope"
Level of education: "No school education, but I do got some fighting training…"
Have you ever been arrested and how did this effect you? "Not really arrested… just thrown out of places after they refused to serve me more and I didn't wanna leave…"
Ever been far away from your birthplace? "For all I know I might be far away from it right now"
Where, and would you like to go there again? "No idea… but I would like to go there if I ever found out"
Do you have any regrets so far? "Neh… not really"
When you were a child, as an adult you wanted to be: "Like my masters of course… That's what all of us wanted"

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