Local Heroes

The goblin raid cost few lives, and saw dozens of goblins meet grizzly ends either at the hands of the heroes, or through their own stupidity. Though the people of Sandpoint recall it with a few chuckles, but they are all impressed with the prowess of the towns newest local heroes.

Ameiko Kaijitsu offers the heroes free board and lodgings at the Rusty Dragon, and arriving at the Inn they meet up once more with a grateful Aldern Foxglove who persuades them to join him on a hunting trip into the Tick Wood. He buys them all horses as a reward for saving him. Aldern's man servants chase a small pack of boar towards the group who make short work of the beasts, with the elven scout Arivia notching up three boars and Aldern providing comic relief. Returning to the Inn they enjoy a feast with their freshly caught boar as the main ingredient.

Javisan missed the hunt invitation, but is soon involved in a hunt of his own - albeit as prey. Shayliss Vinder the comely daughter of the General Store owner asks for his help dealing with a large rat in her basement - Veritas having turned her down previously. After enough innuendo make the most soiled of doves blush Javisan arrives in the basement to find no rodents, but one cot, and one ardent Shayliss half naked in his arms. At fifteen Javisan is perhaps overeager once he begins to catch on. And then Shayliss's large muscular, father arrives. Javisan escapes with his life, if not his dignity, and finds himself engaged - the party is in a weeks time and Master Vinder expects him to have a suitable engagement ring by then! Aldern Foxglove is too dense to notice Anastasia inviting him up to her room - although in his defense he is somewhat sozzled and she was rather oblique - otherwise Javisan might not have been the only one to have an eventful evening.

After much tormenting of poor Javisan Sheriff Belor Hemlock arrives and asks the heroes to accompany him to the Mayor's office. They are introduced to the elven ranger Shalelu who tells them that the areas five squabbling goblin tribes were all working together in the raid on Sandpoint. She believes they must have been forced to do so by someone. The Sheriff tells the heroes he is heading to Magnimar to get more men with a large portion of the guard and asks them to make themselves publically visible to reassure the townsfolk. Shalelu then invites herself to dinner with the heroes to discuss the raid and the local goblins.