Melissa's Note

Due to a certain mishap, both handlers Amelia and Archan have lost all their agents. My contacts are running thin. I have no knowledge of the other cells at the moment and cannot rely on the hope that they are dealing with this crisis just as we are.

Contrary to initial findings the nobility are not having their affiliations and allegiances changed through standard persuasion, bribing or blackmail.

Along with the loss of Archan, his agents and Amelia's agents being compromised. We have at least learnt that the grasp of this campaign for war runs deeper than first thought.

Doppelgangers are being used to impersonate these nobles.

Notes regarding the doppelgangers:
Their copies are being kept alive, this was confirmed through the 'cooperation' of Amelia's copy.

They do not mark as being evil. This may be due to them truly believing their ideologies. This could however also be through other means of trickery.

They retain the memories of their copies. This has been confirmed by Amelia whilst working together with her copy.

We have also found out that Samedi Absinmadar has been captured, directly from his son. However as you may soon find out yourself, his copy along with the whole ship has landed a few days back at the dock. For all society, they are all alive. - caution advised when approaching them

Florian, Halford's father has been confirmed to not have been bribed or swayed. It seems business deals were enough to sway him to the side of war.