'''General information about your character:'''

How did the character get stuck with this nickname?
Character’s life philosophy:
Religion / political ideal:
How devout is your character?
Date of birth:
Skin complexion:
Overall physique:
Are these features common from the characters origin?
Sexual orientation:
Personal quote:

'''Let’s freefall in your character’s mind now:'''

A memory of childhood (just one):
A memory of adulthood (just one):
Your least favourite mood?
A body part you could not live without:
Do you have any quirks:
What attracts you most in the opposite sex(or same sex if bi/gay)?
Your ideal partner (in life, love, crime) would:
What would make your character hate someone?
And like someone?
Your character would be attracted to:
And repulsed by:
Your character respects / is loyal to:
What kind of personality does your character have?
What special qualities does your character possess?
Your best quality would be:
And your worst:
The most important thing your character ever did:
And the most stupid:
Does your character indulge in any vices?
How often, and what would trigger the craving?
What annoys your character the most?
Your character is most happy when:
And sad when:
Your character fears (people, ideas, things):
Your characters’ deepest fear:
Your characters’ secret fantasies:
Your characters’ biggest loss would be:
What is your characters’ main profession?
This started:
Is your character good at what he does?
Plans for your future:
Is there a particular person your character considers his point of reference?
Any particular place your character would rather be:
In one year time:
And in ten years time:
Why is your character in this city (as opposed to more rural areas)?
How long does your character plan to stay where he/she is?
The characters’ most treasured possession:
Does your character believe in luck, fate or destiny?
Your characters’ most common dreams:
A good luck charm (what and why does your character consider it lucky?):
Your characters’ moral ethics (e.g. war, theft, love, honour):
What motivates your character to be what he is? (e.g. vengence, knowledge)

'''Your characters’ favourite:'''
Style of writing:
Art form:
Place to hang out:
Place to relax:
Place to reflect:
Method of transport:
School subject:

'''Some history:'''

Mother’s and Father’s name:
Their appearance and mannerisms:
Were your parents present in your life, and did thier presence affect you in any way?
Mention a good and a bad thing that you remember about your parents:
Did you have any siblings?
Appearance and mannerisms:
Were they present in your life, and did their presence affect you in any way?
Mention a good and a bad thing that you remember about your siblings:
How did your parents raise you and your siblings?
Any special events in your characters’ family life that he remembers clearly:
Your characters’ current standing with his family:
How did the family make money?
Did the character like the family buisness?
Were there any other relatives that influenced you in any way?
Were there any friends, enemies, acquaintances that influenced you in any way?
Special someones:
Is you character married?
Appearance and mannerisms:
Does your character like children?
Did your character have any children?
Appearance and mannerisms:
Did your character have any pets?
What is your characters’ opinion of the city?
Where did your character live?
Did your character have his own room, and did he like this house?
Hiding places:
Did your character go to school?
Level of education:
Has your character ever been arrested and how did this effect him?
Ever been far away from your birthplace?
Where, and would your character like to go there again?
Does your character have any regrets so far?
When your character was a child, as an adult he wanted to be:

Last entry:

Write a short list of points describing the events that lead to the present moment and the start of the game.

Good Luck and Enjoy the game!