Raykan Background Scene 1

The sun peeked over the west mountain and as it did, it bathed the forest close to the camp with light.

The grizzled old man adorned in full plate looked out through the tent passage with a far away look in his eyes. He then shut them slowly as he turned his head over towards the other side of the tent, where an elegant woman in a pure flowing white robe had both her hands on the heavy oak table.

She hung her head down in frustration.

A few seconds of silence till he finally asked "What do you have for me?"

She placed an envelope on the table then paced away. As the general reached out and slowly looked over the contents, shifting through each paper one by one. The lady started to speak.

"Raykan Relisar, barely eighteen yet one of my most gifted assistant researchers and has been with me for the past two years. A very, very valuable member of my team I may add. He was sent a few weeks ago, in the middle of the night, without my authorisation and consent, to gather field information regarding a portal that was unearthed. Something that he was far from being qualified to do." She paused then with restrained anger continued "Against my recommendation! The risks were too high!"

The general cut her off gently.

"Are you questioning my decisions Angela?"

"No sir, I merely…"

The general nodded once and proceeded. "Yes yes I know about the boy, he's been the talk of your section a few years back. I have not lived this long without knowing what happens around me. Born from a head priestess, cast away as a shame to the family along with his father, a powerful sorceror. Yeah, I know about the boy, poor little bastard was then brought to a city where no one knew them and they had absolutely no money to their name."

The general paused for a second whilst looking absent mindedly at the war map on the table.

"Little kid deserves a medal for just surviving, I met his father around a decade ago, a recruit, he didn't look like much. Sure proved me wrong though, became one of the most prominent sorcerors in the war. After the war I saw him again, he used up his savings to start up an inn. Lived there for a few days whenever I passed through, yeah I know all of this."

"He was a hyperactive kid, very much unlike how he is now. I used to chat with his father till late at night about everything related to culture, war, you name it, he knew about it. His son would stay there and listen to everything, one day he started joining in the conversations, I was both shocked and amazed. Such a pity. So you come here telling me that you want a massive search party to be sent for him? And you even made this formality bullshit in front of me now?"

He let the folder fall on the table. "I already know who he is, I don't need this."

"So sir." The lady stepped forward about to inquire.

"Bottomline is this Angela… He just disappeared off the face of this land, there is nothing but sand there, we already looked for him"