Raykan Background Scene 2

I love you, you hear that?

The wind seems happy near this village, I can feel it and the river is clean. Remember when we first met at this river? I was so shy back then! I'm surprised you came back after so long, its been quite a long journey but here we are, there, at that spot, thats where I pushed you and got you drenched all over. Oh c'mon grumps smile!

Stop dragging your feet! Thats the gate, oh its old man chuggins still manning the gate, can't be, must be his son. No it is him! What he must be around seventy now, which would be ok if he were an elf. You can put your hood down he won't recognize you, not with that long unruly hair. You know how much I loved your neat and tidy short hair, as men should have, why'd you let it grow so much? We used to make fun of him as little children, I somehow feel slightly bad about that but we enjoyed it! little dipshit children that we were.

Don't clutch that so hard or you'll break it!

Remember when I gave it to you?

We were walking near the shore, hand in hand, I had forgotten how to get to my friend's party and somehow ended up at the beach. There was a friendly group of musicians just enjoying themselves playing music together somewhere distant, barely audible but still there.

You looked up at the stars you love so much and as you did so, with a cheesy smile I grasped up up up high and made as to snatch one of them, pulled you close and slowly opened my hand to give this to you. You said it sparkled just like my eyes, you romantic! It was terribly cheesy but I loved it. Then you asked me to marry you as you slipped a bracelet on my wrist. How could you do that? Showing me off when I was being so flashy myself!

Keep it with you. I love you.

So let it go… Just let it go… I'm at peace now… Don't do this.

Don't do this, killing them for me will not make me happy, you hear that? It will not make things any better for you or for me. Please stop looking for them.

I'm dead now, nothing you do will bring me back. I'm just in your head.


Sweetheart… Please let me go.