Raykan Background Scene 3

The sun swept down over the desert sands. This however did not affect Raykan who was inside a very well kept carriage. He tapped on the window feeling its strength. This was not right, he would have felt more secure if the carriage at least had some magical protection, no matter how 'elite' these guards are. He would have traded discomfort for safety if the choice were ever given.

The group was made up of two heavy knights riding in front and another two trailing behind the luxurious carriage where Raykan and his wife were.

His carriage driver and the guards were laughing and exchanging jokes instead of looking out for anything suspicious. His wife noticed and placed a hand on his, with a reassuring smile "relax sweetie, its just a small detour."

He's a researcher, not a wizard, he studies the craft, helps out the other researchers and hopefully gain their position in the future. Still paid more than the wizards themselves, sent in leading teams to gain experience in the discoveries of the still undiscovered arcana. The reasoning of the army that paid for their services was that a larger group would have attracted more attention. The real reason was that they felt no need for any security at all. The fighting was on the other side of the mountain, they never got this far.

He looked at his love next to him, Raisa, there are few things in life he truly cared for but she was one of them.

Raykan's carriage driver smirked at the thought of the man inside. Nervous guy it seems, this path was one of the safest parts of the kingdom and the drive was the most pleasant one. In a few hours he'd be back at some rich guy's mansion waiting to bring some noble to the city. he wondered who the guy on the back was to get his services paid for, he did not look like a big shot, probably some famous bard.

By this time Raykan was back to watching the area for threats as he had trained himself to do, his specialty was in spotting anything unnatural. You could not stay alive without a healthy dose of paranoia in you.

By the time he spotted a glint over the hill to his left it was too late. He saw huge flaming masses shoot from the hill, heading towards the front of his carriage. The knights and horses in front were scorched and down within moments. Looking at the back he saw crossbow bolts stuck through necks of the two other knights behind him.

Men in clothing which Raykan attributed to nomads of the desert sprung from under the sand and stormed towards the carriage, slicing down the carriage driver cleanly in two.

Raykan went over to his wife to shield her as the doors were ripped apart violently and thrown away. They were then dragged outside, him pushed down face first to the ground as Raisa was thrown away, kicked on the face then pulled by her hair a few metres away from him. Her face was caked in blood and her arm broken. Dazed and panicked she no longer seemed to know what was going on.

The stench of burning flesh was starting to get overpowering.

One of the nomads pulled Raykan's head up from the ground and stared at his face for a few seconds as four other men held him down. Raykan's anger clearly showed in his eyes as he spat at the nomad's face. His face was then pushed back down to the ground.

Spitting sand from his mouth he looked to his side to see the man shaking his head, he tried to break free but was pushed back down by the four men and his head pulled back again from his hair to face an older man who was approaching him. In the background Raisa could no longer hear her screams as the earlier blast had destroyed her eardrums.

The man moved his head close and looked at Raykan, turning to his men he shouted in Raykan's father's old language "He is not here, we were decieved!".

Raykan listened and in the moment's confusion did not realize he should have done his best to pretend he did not understand them. Realizing this, he was raised by his hair further till he was just hanging by it and stared at directly in the eye.

"So you understand Chelaxian, tell me where Kamir is or I will kill the bitch."

Raykan could not stop himself from reacting on those words and looking at Raisa, still screaming and crying, her tears and blood mixing on her face. He realized they were betrayed and with a furious but futile effort tried to break free.

"I said, tell me where Kamir is."

One of his men moved forward and with a bow said "He does not know my lord… They wouldn't have told him."

"Shut up!" He looked back at Raykan and said in a slow controlled tone "You tell me where Kamir is or I will kill your girlfriend, its obvious by the way you look at her."

Raykan finally spoke in Varisian "I do not know… Please don't… I swear I do not."

He could not finish his sentence before a spear pierced his left knee from behind, passing through and sticking on the sand. The pain filled his whole body before he slumped down and felt himself wetting his trousers.

From the back of the carriage they picked up the papers in Raykan's bag and one of the other men, a smaller man with red eyes said in Chelaxian. "He is a researcher, and from these notes I think we found something valuable my lord."

Raykan looked up a bit to see the sun beating on his face and the silhouette of a tall bulky man squatting down, raising his warhammer and then moving it till the blunt end grazed Raykan's face and stayed there, moving higher and then crashing down.

As everything blacked out, his last image was of the love his life screaming only to be silenced as one of the other men brought a scimitar down on her, cleanly slicing her head off from her shoulders.