The Ascendants:

The vast majority of people throughout the world worship one or more of the many hundreds of Ascendants. Ascendants are mortals who have gained a spark of divinity, most being great heroes, or legendary villains. The majority of Ascendants abide by the Black Iron Accords which ban immortals - including demons, devils, celestials, etc. - from interacting directly with the prime material plane and are rigorously enforced by the Iron Guard.

Most people worship all Ascendants - though they almost certainly could not name them all - and in particular venerate those Ascendants who were heroes of their country, profession, or who reflect their beliefs.

A player may create an Ascendant filling in as much detail as they like, Clerics may then select 2 domains and a favored weapon appropriate to the Ascendant. Any details not filled in by the player are for the DM to decide.


Zorath is the Lord of Heaven, the Angel who cast down Erathis and with the original Ascendants created the Black Iron Accords. He has a small, but vocal, number of worshipers in most lands who call him the Ascendant Angel, or the King of the Free.