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Race: Human
Class & Level: Wizard 1
Alignment:Chaotic Good

Appearance: Standing about 5 foot Tenichi could be describe with somewhat exotic beauty with blond hair and blue eyes. Even in what would say in gloomy days Tenichi could still be seen with a cheerful smile on her face.

Personality: Tenichi could be describe someone who is easy going with wonderlust in her eyes as someone who wants to try new and exciting things. Tenichi generally cares for the workers and people under her along donating her personal money to orphanage. When people have a problem they tend to goto Tenichi and she generally tends to do best to try to aid them.

Background: Born into a noble family Tenichi Kaijitsu lived a life of luxury compared to other towns folks in Sandpoint. As result she experienced a dull life and sometimes for more exciting life like her older sister instead of a pampered life. So when Tenichi began working in her father's workshop to learn how to run the glassworks so she could possibly take over, Tenichi secretly pooled her money aside to learn the art of magic in doing so she hoped to become an adventurer like her older sister. Once her parents began noticing she been sneaking out she came up with excuse that she was learning how to marksmanship in order to promote the glass shop in the festival.