The Swallowtail Festival

As Sandpoint celebrated the consecration of its newly completed cathedral disaster struck when a horde of goblins interrupted proceedings! The murderous creatures ran amok gleefully causing mayhem setting fires and jabbing indiscriminately with their crude blades.

Fortunately some of Sandpoint's citizens and those visiting the festival were more than up to the challenge and several knots of resistance were formed driving the nasty little critters from the town. One group of heroes saved the young noble Aldern Foxglove from a particularly nasty goblin mounted upon a twisted canine steed and earned his gratitude. Aldern invited the group to visit him at the Rusty Dragon so he could reward them, and offered to buy them all mounts if they would accompany him on a boar hunt, though some of the group suspect he was motivated as much by seeing Anastasia again as by his desire to reward their efforts.

In the aftermath Sandpoint suffered relatively few casualties and the raid has become something of a joke, dead goblins are still being found drowned in rain barrels, having managed to burn themselves alive in buildings, etc.