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Race: Human
Class & Level: Cleric 1
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: A young, blonde man with green eyes and pale skin that wears two holy symbols around his neck. Appears to be a cleric of Abadar.

Personality: Quiet and reserved for the most part, with a soft spot for stories and folk tales. Prefers not to preach unless left without choice, despite being a member of the clergy.

Background: Vis Venes was born the son of a retired adventurer turned innkeeper, and the local bard. Born with an incurable disease (so the healers claimed), Vis's world was limited by the confines of his room, and a short life expectancy. Having only his parents' stories, and the occasional tale by the wandering bard to link him to the outside world, it appeared that he was doomed to waste away in obscurity and ignorance. By the time his disease grew worse and his day of departure seemed imminent, it was then that a certain traveler would happen upon his family's inn. A traveler who would change his life forever.

Convincing Vis's parents (who were desperate) that he was capable of saving their son, the traveler was allowed to visit Vis in his final moments. Once they were alone, the traveler would then ask Vis a question:

"Would you like to hear a story?"

On his deathbed and in great pain, the boy would agree, if only hoping that he could momentarily ignore his pain while distracted. From there, the traveler would then begin his tale. One of gods, of wars, of creation, and of destruction. Then when that tale had completed, the traveler would once again ask Vis if he wished to hear a story, who would readily accept (as he had been captivated by the first tale). When that tale too was complete, the traveler would repeat his question again (and Vis would once again accept) … a cycle that continued throughout the hours of the night, till the first rays of the sun began to shine through the window.

Upon the final tale's completion, it would be then that the traveler would tell to boy to rise from his bed (which he was able to do quite easily, to his surprise), for he had a gift to bestow upon him. Then, procuring a wooden symbol seemingly out of nowhere, and hanging it around the child's neck, the traveler would take Vis by his hand…and bring him to his feet.

"There is no reason a child like yourself should be confined within these wall. There is much you have yet to see. Come, let us leave this room and greet your parents."

These were the words that the traveler had spoken that day, the day that Vis had encountered a living deity, and the day his life was changed for good, .

Years later, Vis (who had renamed himself to Veritas), unable to forget the traveler (who he learned later to be "Sinashakti, the walker of worlds" and a deity) that had saved his life, would attempt to learn the divine ways, in addition to adopting the ideals and beliefs of his savior. All in hopes of meeting the deity and traveler once again.

As a result, he is now a cleric in service of the Church of Abadar (despite not actually worshiping Abadar), and finds himself attending the Swallowtail festival in Sandpoint on its behalf.