Wrathful Reunions

After learning about the local goblin tribes from Shalelu the heroes are asked by a distraught Mrs Barret to help her husband. Her young son has bite marks all over his arms and it turns out that the monster he was complaining about in his closet was an actual goblin which must have hidden there after the attack on the Swallowtail Festival! Hurrying over the heroes find Alerghast Barret wedged into a hole in his sons closet, pulling him back they find that he has been partially eaten by the hunger crazed goblin and is long beyond their aide… The goblin leaps out and is readily dispatched, but the newly widowed Mrs Barret is heartbroken and Sheriff Hemlock is forced to take her off to the Cathedral to put her in Father Zantus's care.

The next morning Javisan is awakened by an anxious halfling maid at the Rusty Dragon. It seems that Ameiko is missing and a disturbing note is found by her bedside from her long absent brother Tsuto. The note asked Ameiko to come top the Glassworks - owned by the Kaijitsu family of which both Ameiko and Tsuto are members - and the group hurry over. Finding it locked they move round the back and break in to find a horde of goblins playing around with molten glass and the remains of some eight unfortunate glass workers.

The group are then attacked by Tsuto Kainjitsu who attempts to kill his sister Tenichi and then downs Javisan with a deadly flurry of blows applied to the young lads tender regions. Javisan's cousin Anastasia races forward and hacks into Tsuto with her blade and the murderous half elf quickly realizes he is outmatched with his goblins nearly annihilated and flees down to the beach. The heroes finish off the goblins, but are unable to catch Tsuto.

Searching the Glass works they discover the body of Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Tenichi's father, and eventually find Ameiko bruised but alive locked in the cellar. Searching the office they also find a journal belonging to Tsuto revealing frightening plans for Sandpoint…